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Canva templates for coaches

Wouldn't it be amazing if...

• You could create client guides in a couple of hours rather than several days

• You could  create consistent graphics online to encourage you to show up and educate your clients on the value of working with you so they are less likely to ghost you

• You could create a client experience that allows you to increase your prices and free up time in your business to spend being creative.

Spend more time creating

As a creative and a mum, I understand the time pressures of wearing so many hats when you run your own business. My Canva templates are designed to help you wow your clients by educating them and creating a stand out experience. It's all about helping your ideal clients take the next step with you.

I want to help save you time so you can do the thing you love, it's hard trying to juggle all of the business things with all of the life things. How do I know? Because I'm juggling 'all the things' too! Hello, pandemic homeschooling - that was fun, wasn't it!

Take this shortcut and you can get on with all the other things you've got going on right now.

"This is great, Amy. I didn't realise when I bought the templates that they would come with so much video tuition too - such amazing value. Thank you."

Laura Walter, Personal Brand Photographer


• Creating graphics in a few clicks that allow you to communicate with your ideal clients and educate them on the value of working with you.

• Having a cohesive system of graphics to help you communicate across multiple channels from PDF client guides to Instagram Stories or YouTube video title thumbnails. What ever you decide works best for you and your business. You are able to create graphics that are consistent with your brand.

• Having access to a designer for support and feedback.

• Using these graphics to create an enhanced client experience and be able to up your prices as a result.

You can with...


Canva is easy to use and these templates have been strategically designed to help you get more clients.

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Included in the Collection is...

Canva templates

• Templates to create client guides, welcome packets and thank you packets to create an outstanding client process.
• Social media templates covering Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Canva Templates

Video Tutorials

I won't leave you hanging. Included with your template will be video tutorials to show you exactly how to customise your template.

From changing brand colours and fonts to amending text boxes once you have added in your own copy. I'll make sure you know what to do.

Canva Video Tutorials

Facebook Group

Join the Facebook group where you can ask design questions, request feedback or just chat with other members questions relating to running your business.

Facebook Community

How it works

• Purchase your template.

• You will receive an email that gives you immediate access to your template and video tutorials.

• Remember to join the Facebook group because that's where you can ask for feedback or help.

• Start customising and have fun!

About me

Are you a creative, who loves what you do but could do with more revenue? 

I'm on a mission to help you earn more through a strategically designed website.

If you're anything like me, you are busy juggling family life and business tasks. You don't have time to think about a strategy for your website.

Let me take that off your hands, if you already have a website, start with a website audit. If you don't, grab the website checklist to get started strategically from the offset. 

These templates are for you if...

You are a freelancer or service provider and you need to educate potential clients about the value of your services .

You know client guides and welcome packets are a good idea for your business but you just don't have a few days to spare to work on them.

These templates are not for you if...

You are looking for a workbook template for online courses. These templates have been designed specifically for business owners who do client work.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the templates?

How do I access the templates?

You will gain access to the template members area where I have organised template access by channel. You choose the template you want to access and click on the image which will direct you to Canva where your template is waiting for you.

How do these templates differ from the free templates in Canva?

How do these templates differ from the free templates in Canva?

The templates in Canva are very general. These templates have been designed specifically for a photographer’s needs and as a system that works as a whole.

I'm not a creative, will this template work for me?

I'm not a creative, will this template work for me?

Yes! It will work for any service based business. I just focus on creatives to give my designs a direction but if you love the template the website layout will work for your industry too.

Do I need a paid subscription to Canva?

Do I need a paid subscription to Canva?

I have made sure that these templates can be used with the free version of Canva. There are benefits to the paid version, for example it’s easier to organise files and you can upload your own brand fonts but you don’t need to have the paid version.