Get fresh eyes on your website and come up with a power plan to get more enquiries from your current traffic.


Website Power Plan

Wouldn't it be amazing if...

• You knew your website was an integrated part of your marketing system that encouraged visitors to take the next step with you.

• Your website communicated what to do next to both clients ready to book you and to brand new visitors to your site.

• You knew that you were not leaving money on the table by losing potential clients just because they are not at the booking stage yet.

"This helped me think through how I could improve my site and user experience. Again, I so appreciate your time and thoughtful feedback. Your review document was well done and offered terrific suggestions.."

Kristina Rust, Personal Brand Photographer


• Being able to create a website quickly that will attract your dream clients and convert them into email subscribers then clients (or jump right into being clients).

• Having the ability to make changes easily when your business evolves without accidentally destroying your site or having to contact a web designer for help.

• If your website was an integrated part of your marketing system that compliments the other marketing strategies that you are using to attract new clients to your business. 

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The Power Plan Includes:

1 x Pre-Questionnaire

The pre-questionnaire is to be filled out before the session. This is so you have given some thought to your business priorities before our call so we can get the most out of our time together.


1 x 60 min video session

In the 60 minute video session with me, we'll review your site and your business goals and come up with a plan of action for you to implement after our call.

Video Call Session

1 x Action Plan

72 hours after our call I'll send you the action plan as a PDF so that you know exactly what to implement.

Action Plan

How it works

• Step 1: Pay for your session

• Step 2: You'll be forwarded to my calendar to book your session time. Calls take place on a Tuesday or Thursday.

• Step 3: You'll receive a welcome email from me with the questionnaire attached.

• Step 4: We'll have our session!

Let's do it! 


About me

If you're anything like me, you are busy juggling family life and business life. 

You love what you do but could do with more time and more income. I'm on a mission to help you earn more through a strategically designed website.

You don't have time to think about a strategy for your website so let me take that off your hands.

This session is for you if...

You are a freelancer or service provider with a website which you feel could do better at converting viewers into clients so you're ready to re-design your website.

You are a freelancer or service provider and you don't have a website yet and you would like to start out with a website that has been strategically designed with you in mind.

You are happy to host your website on the Showit platform.

This session is not for you if...

You have an e-commerce (online shop) based business

Let's do it!