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Revenue Calculator

Test out different revenue stream scenarios with this Google sheets calculator


Serene Sales

Streamline your sales process using Notion

FREE or $9

Digital Product Delivery Template

Canva template to deliver your digital products


Ebook template

Canva Ebook template for creating your own free or paid digital products.


The Product Planner

Organise and plan your online offers using Notion


Email Marketing Hub

Organise and plan your email marketing using Notion


Collaborator's Compass

Plan and track contributions to summits and bundles using Notion



All the templates you need to get your Etsy digital product shop up and running.


How to stand out in your industry

Using a Creative Approach


Pick my brain

Got specific questions about your idea or business? Fill in the form and I’ll email you back with personalised advice


Notion Collaboration Bundle

Get 4 of my Notion templates and save $20 (Serene Sales, The Product Planner, The Email Marketing Hub and Collaborator's Compass)

Save $20 on individual prices: $79

Tech VIP Day

Get your tech automation set up in a day


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