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What is in this bundle?

The Collaboration Bundle is a set of Notion Templates and a self study videos. Designed to help you implement a strategy of lead generation through collaboration and sales through email marketing.

It includes 4 different Notion planners that I have linked up for you:

🧭 Collaborator's Compass helps you to track any collaborations that are happening, apply for collaborations, keep on top of your collaboration obligations and track your results.

🎁 The Product Planner will help you to keep all of your products and services organised so you can find assets related to those products easily (like copy and graphics).

🗓️ The Sales Campaign Planner will help you to plan out when your sales calendar so you can then implement your marketing activities accordingly.

💌 The Email Marketing Hub links up to the sales Campaign planner so you can plan your email marketing activity in line with your sales focus.

A circular infographic picturing the sales planer in the centre with an outer ring that depicts the product planner feeding into the sales planner in the centre. And the sales campaign planner feeding info out to the collaborator's compass and the email marketing hub.

How this bundle works

This is how I have set the bundle up in Notion.

The sales campaign is at the centre of the planner and The Product Planner feeds into the Sales Campaign Planner (Serene Sales).

The Sales Campaign Planner then feeds info out to The Email Marketing Hub and the Collaborator's Compass.

Buy now for $79

($99 when purchased individually)

Who's it for?

This planning system will work well for you if you do any of the following:

🌟 Coaches

🌟 Consultants

🌟 Service providers

🌟 Course creators

🌟 Membership owners

A collection of images of the 4 products: The Product Planner, Serene Sales, Email Marketing Hub and Collaborator's Compass

What's Included?

A bundle of Notion templates and video trainings to help you use Notion (even if you are brand new to Notion) 4 templates, connected in a sales campaign dashboard.

Buy now for $79

($99 when purchased individually)

✅ Plan sales campaign calendar

✅ Sales calendar is linked to product planner and email marketing planner

✅ Keep sales and marketing assets organised

✅ Plan new products and pricing using actual data

✅ Clarify what your product is and how it helps your ideal customers

✅ Clarify your business model, delivery method and pricing.

✅ Plan weekly newsletters

✅ Plan automated sequences

✅ Plan live sequences

✅ Calendar view of emails going out

✅ Track email performance by campaign or at an individual email level

✅ Keep bundle sales and marketing assets organised and accessible with ease

✅ Keep affiliate details for bundles and summits organised

✅ Keep on top of application deadlines

✅ Keep on top of your current bundle obligations

✅ Track bundle performance