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Notion AI Online Business Manager

Use Notion and AI as your trusty assistant as you wear all the hats in your business.

Quick Tour of the main components

This is a quick overview of the main components. If you want to see these components in action, you can do so by watching the full demo on my YouTube channel.

Manage the entire process

From initial idea through to customer onboarding and feedback.

Pricing Strategy

Use Notion AI to suggest a pricing strategy based on your offer idea, who its for and what's included. Then use Notion to work out the profitability of that offer.

Sales Assets

Notion AI will use the information you input about your offer to suggest sales mechanisms and generate sales assets.

Customer Onboarding

Use Notion AI to suggest a customer onboarding strategy and generate feedback questions that tell you where your customers found you, what they love, what could be improved and request testimonials.

Content Planning

Notion AI will generate content based on your top level content idea. Including YouTube, blog or podcast titles for SEO or Curiosity. Long form content outlines and social media post ideas for different content formats.


Use Notion AI to generate collaboration ideas based on who you want to collaborate with and what you do. Notion AI will also generate pitch emails for you based on your chosen pitch topic.

Plus all of this...

⚙️ Workflows

I've included workflows for all key aspects of this system which you can adapt to suit your own preferred workflow practices.

✅ Task Manager

Task manager connected to all your major project databases to keep on top of your smaller tasks.

💰 Sales Campaign Planner

Use the sales campaign calendar to plan out what you will sell and when. This database is linked to all your other databases.

📮 Email Marketing Hub

Plan out email newsletters and email sequences and measure their performance in the email marketing hub.

📊 Log Key Metrics

Log your key metrics each month to keep on top of your performance.

🗓️ Publishing Calendars

Includes calendars for long form content and social media content.

Notion AI Online Business Management System

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This comprehensive Notion AI system is designed for busy online business owners. I created it for people like me who have to wear all the hats and learn how to do all the things.

Helping you go from offer idea right the way through to delighted customer.

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A bit about me

I'm Amy, a graduate in product design, ex retail buyer and product developer.

I have a particular love of all things online business.

Some of the things I love to do at are:

👉 Plan and track all aspects of my online business using Notion

👉 Share the wonders of Notion with others

👉 Use my knowledge of product development to help online business owners find their point of difference.

It's great to meet you.


Notion AI Online Business Manager

Use Notion and AI as your trusty assistant as you wear all the hats in your business.