All the tools and trainings in one place

Top Level Digital Product Strategy

Getting Started with Digital Products

Free private podcast to help you to get your digital product business started. Listen on your favourite podcast app.


Digital Product Sales Booster Base

Use this Notion database as a framework for your digital product strategy. Use it to pick your sales and marketing tactics and to review your results each month.


Clarity about what you want

How to Love your Online Business

Use this interactive Google Docs workbook to think through the 4 factors that can help you build an online business you love!


Notion Vision Board Kit

Figure out what you want and then the use that to set your financial goals so you're not going for an arbitrary number.


Competitive Edge

Brainstorm your Brilliance

A course to help you find your thing and develop your unique selling point and your business positioning.


Host Courses for Less

Use these two Notion templates to host online courses without the need for an online course platform with monthly fees.


The Product Planner

A Notion Template designed to help you plan new offers and services, organise old ones, keep all assets together.


12 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make More Sellable Digital Products

Work through the questions with the private podcast and interactive workbook.



8 Places to do Market Research Online

Use this interactive workbook to find the best places for you to research what your ideal customers want.


Customer Gold Rush

Collate customer gold nuggets to understand your ideal customers so you can create digital products, services and content that your ideal customers can't wait to buy.


Sales and Marketing Tactics

Sales Campaign Planner

A Notion Template to help you plan and track all of your sales campaigns.


Email Marketing Hub

A Notion Template to help you plan weekly email newsletters and email marketing sequences.


Collaborator's Compass

Use Notion to plan and track contributions to summits, bundles and being a guest on podcasts, blogs or YouTube.


Instagram Planning Hub

Use this Notion template to plan your Instagram content strategically to sell your digital products.


YouTube Planning Hub

Use this Notion template to plan your YouTube content strategically to sell your digital products.


Collaboration Growth Bundle

Plan and implement an entire growth and sales strategy using collaborations as your main growth tool.


CEO Actions

Solo CEO Notion System

Use this CEO Hub Notion Template to plan your actions, review how they went and react to your results.