All Access Pass

For newish digital product sellers.

I can give you access to all of my tools and training that help you to make and sell digital products with the All Access Pass

Just $10 per month

As a newish digital product seller you want to get those regular sales notifications

But right now you’re stuck. You're watching digital product based YouTube videos. Wondering what skills you have that could be turned into digital products.

You may have an idea but worry that it will be too hard to sell your idea. That the only way to get in front of people is to spend lots of money on ads (it’s not).

Or, you have made at least one digital product and put it up for sale only to feel disappointed by the lack of interest in it.

I’m Amy and I help people make and sell digital products.

I saw people struggle to figure out what they were good at. How they could turn their skills into digital products and then turn those digital products into sales.

So I took my background in product design, product development and retail buying to create my core framework. The Profit Bicycle. All of my digital products fit into part of the framework.

I decided to make it all available in The All Access Pass.

What's Included in the All Access Pass?

✅ You get access to all digital products listed in my shop so you can use the product you need at the time you need it

✅ You get access to the Ask Amy private podcast where I will answer your questions

✅ You can ask for tailored guidance about what product would be best for you to use next

✅ By being part of the group you help me shape any future products that I make which means products

✅ You will get exclusive first access to any new products that I create

You get to be part of the Heartbeat community (it’s a bit like Facebook but with course functionality). So that you never feel alone or stuck on your digital product business journey

Video Sneak Peek Inside The All Access Pass

How does the All Access Pass work?

1️⃣ When you join you will get access to a course in my Heartbeat community.

2️⃣ In the first module you can tell me where you’re at right now and what your goals are.

3️⃣ I will recommend which product is best for you to get started with.

4️⃣ If you have any questions you can ask them in the Heartbeat community or you can leave me a voice note question for the Ask Amy private podcast.

5️⃣ You can also ask what your next best step is as you progress on your journey.

6️⃣ As I start to get more questions I can create more products to help you but there is no regular monthly content drop as I think that can lead to overwhelm for most people.

7️⃣ You get access to all of this for as long as you are a pass holder.

Here’s why you’ve been struggling so far…

You’ve been listening to people that makes it sound really easy (it is possible but it’s not as simple as making a simple PDF, putting it online and watching the sales role in)

There is a lot of advice out there that suggests you ‘just copy step by step what I did’. That’s not going to work for most people because:

1. You have different skills and different time availability
2. You have a different personality
3. That person may have grown their business when there was much less competition on the market and when it was easier to grow an audience.

I don’t share one specific tactic. I share tools that fit into my framework that can flex with changing online trends. The framework is based on strategies I learned in the corporate world to develop and sell physical products.

Frequently asked questions

What products are included?

The current list of products included are Getting Started with Digital Products, Digital Product Sales Booster Base, How to Love your Online Business, Notion Vision Board Kit, Brainstorm your Brilliance, Host Courses for Less, The Product Planner, 12 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make More Sellable Digital Products, 8 Places to do Market Research Online, Customer Gold Rush, Sales Campaign Planner, Email Marketing Hub, Collaborator's Compass, Instagram Planning Hub, YouTube Planning Hub, Collaboration Growth Bundle, Solo CEO Notion System

Is this a membership?

Not really, I don't promise new content each month because that gets overwhelming fast (for you and me). You get access to all my products and the community for as long as you are a pass holder. The community is the place for you to ask questions and get support.

What format are the products in?

Some are housed in Notion but you don't need any previous experience in using Notion and you can sign up to Notion for free.

Some are Google docs and private podcasts.

What kind of support is included?

You can ask questions in the Heartbeat community which can be answered by me or other members of the community. You can also submit questions to be asked in the Ask Amy private podcast.

What is this Heartbeat Community?

Heartbeat is a bit like Facebook but it has a course functionality. It is a great tool to allow for the All Access Pass to be easy to use. You can access all the content and the community in the same place.

You can access Heartbeat via your desktop or download the app for free.